Tips for Beginners In Hiking

Tips for Beginners In Hiking
Hiking is one of the favorite outdoor activities of many people. It helps you to keep it as a regularly exercises and also help you to be closer to the nature.
For a first time hiker, hiking is very challenging as there are many things to take care of to prepare a good trip such as planning, packing and so on. Also during a hiking trip, it requires you some good skills to overcome many obstacles on the way. Knowing what you need to do and how to solve the problems when you go hiking before you go could ensure you are able to fully enjoy the trip as long as making sure that you are safe and sound.
Here are some few tips for beginners in hiking:

1. Plan Your Trip Carefully

There are some few questions you should ask yourself when you first plan for your hiking: How long you have to ride, who you go hiking with, what your level of hiking is?
Hiking can take from some hours to days. Depending on the duration, you will prepare your foods and clothes accordingly. So the first thing to remember is know how long the trip will take.
You should always check the weather of where you are going. Check it 1 day before you go so you can prepare better clothes.
Decide who you are going hiking with. For the first time hikers, it is better that they go with a group of people rather than going solo. Hiking is quite dangerous and anything could happen to you so go with experienced people, they will solve problems in hiking better than you will.
After you already plan a trip, you should tell the detail of the plan for one of your trusted friends or relatives. They should know about where you are going, the trail where you do hiking and when you are expected to come back. This will help other people to locate you better if something bad happens.

2. Wear Appropriately

Clothes should not be taken lightly as it will ensure you have a comfortable and safe trip.The first thing you need to take care of is your footwear. Finding a perfect pairs of hiking shoes will require both of your time and money. Don’t rush when you go shopping for these, you will see yourself trying on some couples of shoes before you can decide.For clothes, it is ideal if you can wear them as layers. Wearing thin layers will help you control the temperature better. And if you feel hot, you can just take off one layer at a time.

3. Pack Essential Items

Create a list of what you need for hiking will help you pack better and avoid over packing.
The list of all the essential items includes:
  • Maps and Compasses
  • Sun protection such as sunglasses and sun creams
  • Insulation like Sweater and Rain Pants
  • First aid kit
  • Swiss Army Classic Knife
  • Foods and Drinks
Double check the list then you set out to be sure that you don’t forget anything behind.
Make sure that all of your electrical equipment is fully charged. Bring extra charger for your phone if you have to spend over night in the outside.
Bring along a map and a compass is never a bad idea.

4. Some Tips And Tricks

Here are some hints that would make your hiking easier and more enjoyable:
Higher ground will provide better view so go as high as you can. When you go down a steep mountain, remember to shorten your steps and keep bending knee while you land on the ball of your feet down on the ground.
Remember to keep track of your hiking: There are many hiking and running apps on the Internet where you can download onto your phone. These apps provide you the map of the trail, help you keep track of your far you go and many other trivial things like how many calories you have burnt, how many steps you have taken.
Eat and drink well. Bring and eat nutritious compact and easy to prepare food. Stay hydrated all the time.
Don’t pace yourself. If you are hiking with a group, don’t hesitate to ask them to slow down. Take regular stops will help you have chances to recharge also.
Remember to clean as you go: if the trailing area as intact as possible. Anything you take out, you should take in or bring it along with you.
Here are all the things you should remember to prepare for your trip better. Hiking is challenging but also a very fun outdoor activities. After careful planning and packing as well as learning the basic tricks for hiking, you are ready for a wonderful and exciting journey ahead.

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