The Selection of Hammock Camping That You Need to Know

The Selection of Hammock Camping That You Need to Know

In the camp, was into nature by packed barbecue or sunk in sleep between the stars is an incredibly exciting experience. But the wild nature are hidden dangerous things that you can’t anticipate. To your camp was fun, fully prepared camping and supplies the knowledge picnic is extremely necessary. To become an expert on camping, please read the article on how to choose our camping hammocks for additions to the knowledge of your picnic (or we can suggest another way to find the best hammock that is navigate to

Asked When Selecting Camping Hammocks

Hammocks camping requires a lot of stuff, is a dry when it rains, is a place of privacy between the wide open spaces, is a material good enough to help you fight disease causing insects.
The selection of hammocks for you involves 2 main problems: assessing your personal preferences and environmental conditions that you want to use the hammock. Selection of hammocks are enough 3 elements: space, weight and price.

The factors also play a role in your decision: the weather, the design, the sagging construction. When you compare are his hobby with smooth elements, you can shorten the his choice.

The Size of the Hammocks

Width: the width of the hammocks are very diverse, from about 4 feet (1.2 m) up to 8.5 feet (2.6 m), with 6 to 7 feet (1.8-2.1 m) is able to comfort for one or two people. Those who slept alone often choose more narrow categories, this also depends on whether you want to add space to the body are relaxed. Even so, remember that a too wide hammock will surround you more and make you feel stuffy.

Length: varied degrees of arc length not much as the width. Who should buy the sagging specimen was longer than 8 feet (2.4 m). This also largely depends on personal preference.

Wire Hanging System

Structure of the hammock requiring cable system and a pair of carabiner hook. These can be included in common when buying a hammock, but when producers sell only private one or both types as accessories.
Hanging wire system selection will include plastic fabric straps (make sure they are wider than 0.75 inches, about 2 cm to users not to do harm to the trees when too heavy), wrap the wire into the trunk, the tree made of synthetic fabric and rope, nylon yarn (be careful with the rope when pulled too taut they may break and cause you to fall down to the ground).

You need to find a hammock with multiple locations to attached, because they allow you to adjust more flexible depending on the tree that you used to suffer sagging.

The Weight of Hammock Camping

Hammocks have a weight limit ranges from 150 to 500 pounds (about 56-182 kg), please check the specifications before you buy.

A hammock can have light weight about 7 ounces (about 200 g) or up to several kilograms. Hammocks can be lighter, shorter or narrower will sagging type normal, so you buy hammocks carefully. Add hanging wire system weight to total weight of the product, which can total weight will increase by 10 to 15 ounces (280-420 g).

Thermal Insulation

A couple of hammocks are made from cotton fabric. They are only used for normal use in the home because they are more rigid, hard and slow dry shipping when wet.
Even so, with the use of hammocks in cold weather conditions and more wind, you’ll need to warm the body with the optional accessories such as liners under the cloth, scarf up above or the sleeping cushion.
The bottom line when using the fabric lining underneath is set this insulation blankets under the hammock rather than inside the hammock, under the fuselage. Because when that body weight you will override the layer insulation blanket reduces world area of the region of space between you and the layer of cloth, from which effective insulation is reduced.

Other Features of Hammock Camping And Accessories

Protect yourself from insects: the choice to prevent insects is very diverse, from mosquito 360° (suitable for those who go camping in the area many insects around the year) until the chemicals permethrin insect (the best protection for people with fear of enclosed space and do not want to use the screen against insects). The third option, a screen against insects sold separately, increasing flexibility.
Covered canvas hammocks: unexpected rain may cause lost of fun for any camping trip, so preparing a canopy covered hammock is not bad. Much of the hammock manufacturer offers a completely waterproof canvas, was specifically designed to shield for people sleeping on hammocks from anything outside of nature.




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