When considering the appropriate time to go camping, most people will think about summer as the idea time for family to gather. Pack the best family tent, gather some nice food and you are ready to have a great time outdoors. However, camping in the spring when the flowers bloom or in the fall when the leaves turn color has its charm. Watching the beautiful snow in winter when the campsite is not crowed is also tempting for a lot of people.  So which is the best season to go camping?camping tent


After a long cold winter when you spend most of your time at home, there is nothing better than going out and taking in both fresh air and vitamin D. Spring is a beautiful time in a year to recharge yourself as the snow is melting, leaves are starting to bud and everything is getting greener than ever.

There are some big advantages for camping in spring:

  • The weather is usually mild enough, not too hot or too cold; therefore you can spend your time outdoors comfortably. Don’t go camping in early weeks of spring though, because it can still be muddy and rainy. The grass may not grow green and high enough.
  • There is much less traffic and lower fee in campsites, fishing lakes, national parks and other camping attractions. You usually don’t even have to make reservations. If you want to avoid the crowd, this is the time to go camping.
  • There are not many bugs in spring to interrupt your trips.
  • While you can see wildlife all year round, spring is an ideal time when you can see babies. Aren’t tiny baby rabbits so cute? And the sight of a moose family can be amusing too.


Summer is no doubt the most popular time of the year for camping. It is hot, yes, but in cooler states, the weather is mild enough to make you feel comfortable when camping outdoors. Kids don’t have to go to schools and office workers can take summer leave easier so summer is really the best option for family.Camping with Family

The summer temperature is a perfect time to go swimming and enjoy bright sunshine. If you love taking picture of beautiful scenery, time to take out to camera and capture the vibrant greens of grasses and forestry. Or if you love watching the star, you can have the perfect excuse to opt for a hammock instead of a tent.

The downside of summer camping is that it is too crowded at campsite. It if fine if you enjoy community activities but people who prefer solitude will find it hard to re-connect with nature.


As summer goes away and takes the intense heat with it, the fall arrive with falling leaves, cool air and amazing scenery.

Kids already go back to school so families are less likely to go camping together. However, the mild and comfortable weather in the fall can be very tempting for camping outdoors. You can still swim in the lake as there is still time left until it turns cold. And you can watch animals busy with preparation for the cold months ahead. The combination of quiet, wonderful scenery and the active wildlife makes fall camping a great experience to remember.


The temperature and road condition in winter are not favorable for camping; plus there are a lot of things to bring along. The nights seem to be lengthy and you can easily catch a cold. However, many people surprisingly prefer winter to summer

  • Do you prefer solitude and silence? It is totally different from the noisy city life. Don’t expect any crowds at the campsite during cold winter months; you can even the area to yourself.
  • You can dodge basically mosquitoes and all other bugs (probably except for the snowflea but they don’t bite)
  • Wildlife is active in winter too. Hey, but don’t expect any bears.
  • Nothing beats the clear and starry night skies in winter. Do you happen to be an amateur astronomer?

As you can see, camping can be done all year round. So which is your favorite season for camping?



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