Here Is How You Bring Home The Best Camping Hammock

Here Is How You Bring Home The Best Camping Hammock

Buying a hammock is no way easy when there seems to be endless options in the marker. It is recommended that you start with online reviews to find the best hammock for you. At the end of the day, you need a hammock that is lightweight, durable and comfortable. Take note that the most expensive one is not necessarily the best in terms of quality. Consider the following factors before making your purchase:hammock camping

Hammock material

This is a key factor because it determines the durability, breathability and also the comfort level you get. It is best that the chosen material is waterproof or dries quickly at least for outdoor use. There are three most common materials:


Cotton hammocks have very attractive designs. They are soft, breathable and conform to your body shape really well. However, they are not very durable and weather proof. Do not leave them outside in bad weather due to mold and mildew issues (surely allergic people are not fond of this). The color can also fade. Another downside is that the material is heavy and bulky; it attracts water but does not dry quickly.


This material is as comfortable as cotton because it is very soft. However, it is very durable and weather-resistant. There is no worry about mold and mildew issues. Plus, it dries much quicker than cotton.


This is the most popular choice for camping trips.  Though nylon is also a synthetic fabric like polyester, it is a more lightweight but stronger material (though slightly less heat-resistant). Its price is little bit higher.

Size and weight

Choosing a hammock of right size is important for your comfort: too small and you feel constrictive; too bag and you may feel claustrophobic. Consider the hammock side when it is unfolded and compressed. It is advised that you pick a hammock larger than what you need (a double hammock); your friend may sit on it with you.

Be aware that a large hammock can be heavy so do not let the weight be compromised. Count your own weight and estimate the amount of load in considering the maximum weight capacity. Make allowance for another average person’s weight too in case you have a guest.

Ease of Set Up

What is the use of a cool-looking hammock that requires a lot of time to set up. Installation should not be complicated; or else you will feel frustrated with your hammock often.

Think about how easy it should be to tight your hammock between trees or a posts. Taking it down should not require a lot of time and effort also.

When talking about ease of set-up, it is necessary to mention the suspension system. Generally, hammocks come with suspension straps and carabiners. Look for long, wide straps and avoid nylon materials.

You can also select a hammock with its own stand if you do not want to be worry about finding trees or posts to hang it.

Hammock stands are mostly made of metal or wood:

  • Metal hammock stands lightweight, powder coated for rust protection and weather-resistance. They are idea choices for camping because they are easy to set up or dissemble. Plus, they are inexpensive.
  • Wooden hammock stands often have elegant designs and look really nice. They can be hand-coated with attractive sealer. However, they are more expensive.

Portabilitybest camping hammocks

Let’s be honest: do you want to carry a heavy hammock in a long distance? Obviously, you wish the folded hammock lightweight enough to carry. A hammock often comes with a carrying bag and straps.

It is not just about the size and weight of the hammock itself. Think about the accessories you intend to bring along in your trips

  • Accessories for insulation: you need to keep yourself warm so underquilts or topquilts are required (they can come with the hammock too)
  • A rainfly is an indispensable item to protect you from weather elements.
  • Last but not least: you need a bug net, especially if you camp in buggy areas.

Think about the total weight of the hammock, straps, stands (in any) and other accessories; will it be a burden on your shoulder?


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