the Best Sleeping Bags for Camping & Backpacking of 2021

the Best Sleeping Bags for Camping & Backpacking of 2021

Best 2-Season Sleeping Bags

1. NOMAD Inca 2-Season Sleeping Bag

With proven designs stretching back over 40 years, NOMAD® offers stylish, performance-driven outdoor equipment. The  NOMAD Inca 1200 uses high-quality 3D Polarshield insulation to deliver a soft, permanent loft, with a siliconized treatment that repels dirt for greater thermal efficiency.

A drawstring hood and padded zipper baffle help keep the warmth inside while a trapezoid shape in the foot provides a natural resting position for added comfort.

An internal zip compartment can be used to stow smaller essentials. A great value all-rounder for those seeking a hard-wearing sleeping bag for warmer weather camping and hiking.

  • Insulation: 3D Polarshield (Synthetic)
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Pack Size: 35 x 29cm
  • Comfort Women: 6°C
  • Comfort Men: 1°C
  • Extreme: -14°C

2. Marmot Never Winter Down Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Never Winter gives you a mid-range, down sleeping bag for minimalist hiking and camping trips. Crafted for warm weather wanders, the Never Winter blends a low pack weight of just 910g with a highly-compressible 650 fill down insulation.

Down is RDS certified and treated with PFC free down defender for improved water resistance and continued insulation even in damp conditions?

A 20D mini-ripstop shell keeps the weight low while protecting from knocks and scrapes. Other features include an internal stash pocket for smaller items; draw-cord hood; fold-down second zipper for ventilation and ease of access.

  • Insulation: 650 fill down, RDS Cert.
  • Weight: 910g
  • Pack Size: 19 x 40 cm
  • Comfort Women: 3.6°C
  • Comfort Men: -1.7°C
  • Extreme: -17.5°C

3. Yeti Passion One Down Sleeping Bag

When it comes to counting the grams, the Yeti Passion One down sleeping bag sets the bar. Part of the Yeti Ambition range, the Passion is crafted from their Next To Nothing technical fabric.

This super-light yet durable material features a breathable and water-resistant rip-stop shell that regulates temperature and repels moisture. Stitched-through construction keeps insulation from shifting while Crystal Down 800+ fill ensures the finest and most voluminous European goose down for comfort and warmth.

With a packed weight of just 275g, the Passion One delivers an optimized warmth-to-weight ratio essential for high-mileage trekking, ultra-marathon running, and summer climbs.

  • Insulation: Crystal Down 800+ Fill
  • Weight: 275g
  • Pack Size: 12 x 21 cm
  • Comfort Women: 15°C
  • Comfort Men: 12°C
  • Extreme: -1°C

Best 3-Season Sleeping Bags

4. Kelty TRU 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Tru Comfort 20F/-7C gives campers a great value synthetic sleeping bag to meet the rough-and-tumble of the outdoors. The oversized mummy fit lets you relax in comfort with a 2-layer blanket system that lets you zip up and snuggle down or unzip and use as a single-layer blanket for warmer weather campouts.

A Comfort-Tuck Zipper System lets you vent the foot section for unique temperature control and a greater feeling of freedom. The Tru Comfort features cozy and compressible ThermaPro insulation with a soft 50D polyester taffeta liner providing next-to-skin comfort.

A 3-season favorite that’s great for cooler climes and easy on the pocket. A great all-rounder for car and campervan trips to hiking adventures.

  • Insulation: ThermaPro (Synthetic)
  • Weight: 2.23 kg
  • Pack Size: 47 x 30 cm
  • Comfort Women: -4°C
  • Comfort Men: -7°C

5. Orion 400 Mummy Sleeping Bag

The  NOMAD Orion 400 gives you a lot in a little package. The ultralight design weighs only 710g and packs down to fit easily in a backpack or bike pannier for extended trips.

A lightweight 15D shell and liner keep weight to a minimum while 3D Polardown Plus offers a blend of responsibly sourced down and hollow-fiber insulation that is both lightweight and breathable with a highly compressible design.

A Polygiene finish reduces the build-up of odors over extended trips, letting you travel fresher for longer. Polardown Plus also features a hydrophobic treatment that handles moisture, helping retain heat even in damp or humid conditions. In cooler climes, a drawstring hood and padded zipper baffle help keep the warmth inside while a padded neck collar offers unbeatable sleeping comfort.

  • Insulation: 3D Polardown Plus, RDS Cert.
  • Weight: 710g
  • Pack Size: 25 x 14 cm
  • Comfort Women: 3°C
  • Comfort Men: -2°C
  • Extreme: -18°C

6. Sierra Designs Cloud 800 35F/1C Ultralight Sleeping Bag

The Sierra Designs Cloud 800 35° delivers unrivaled comfort in its weight class thanks to a standout sleep system. Crafted for the fast-moving outdoor enthusiast, the Cloud 800 reduces weight in a number of innovative ways.

800 fill DriDown delivers high-loft insulation that maintains thermal efficiency even when damp while an integrated pad sleeve in the base holds your sleeping mat, replacing the need for unnecessary bottom insulation.

The Cloud 800 features Sierra Designs’ patented zipperless design. In place of a zip that can add weight and restrict movement, the Cloud features an oversized integrated comforter that works with an insulated shoulder pocket and crescent-shaped opening to keep the comforter wrapped around your body while you sleep.

This effectively seals out drafts to deliver the next level in comfort without the feeling of being confined. For warmer weather camping, the comforter can simply be folded out of the way. For those desiring superior warmth with practical comfort, the Cloud 800 35° sleeping bag really delivers – a unique design to see you through 3-season camping and backpacking.

  • Insulation: 800 fill, PFC-Free DriDown
  • Weight: 660g
  • Pack Size: 33 x 18 cm
  • Comfort Women: 2°C
  • Comfort Men: -3°C

Best 4-Season Sleeping Bags

7. Mountain Hardwear Women’s Lamina Sleeping Bag

The  Mountain Hardwear Women’s Lamina delivers a tried and tested synthetically insulated sleeping bag for all-season outdoor adventures. Thermal. Q™ insulation mimics goose down with thick fibers interlaced with thin to capture a level of warmth similar to its natural counterpart.

The women’s specific design features increased insulation for added warmth and comfort with a slightly shorter size profile for reduced pack weight and bulk.

A contoured foot box enables feet to be positioned in an anatomically comfortable position regardless if you are a side or back sleeper. An ergonomic draft collar retains heat and prevents drafts while a tailored hood seals in warmth. A great cold-weather bag for those seeking a lower-priced alternative.

  • Insulation: Thermal Q (100% polyester)
  • Weight: 1449g
  • Pack Size: 24 x 46 cm
  • Comfort Women: -9°C
  • Comfort Men: -16°C
  • Extreme: -36°C

8. Pegasus 850 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Built for 4-season trekking and mountaineering, the NOMAD Pegasus 850 gives you a high-quality, cold-weather sleeping bag with a lightweight design. A breathable, water-repellent 20D shell and liner keeps the pack weight low with a Polygiene finish for odor control.

3D Polardown insulation blends responsibly sourced goose down with synthetic hollow-fiber insulation to give you a lightweight, high-loft warmth that continues to insulate even in damp conditions.

An adjustable hood, padded neck collar, and padded zipper baffle help retain warmth while extra insulation in the torso delivers maximum thermal efficiency. Should conditions get too hot, simply open the 2-way zipper for ventilation.

With a pack weight of 1350g and highly compressible design, the Pegasus 850 from NOMAD® is a great option for those seeking a mid-range camping and expedition sleeping bag for high mileage trips in changing weather conditions.

  • Insulation: 3D Polardown, RDS Cert. 
  • Weight: 1350g
  • Pack Size: 30 x 22 cm
  • Comfort Women: -4°C
  • Comfort Men: -11°C
  • Extreme: -30°C

9. Mammut Protect Down Bag -18C

At the top end of the Mammut Recovery Series the Protect Down Bag -18C  sleeping bag gives you a cutting edge expedition bag, designed for comfort in the coldest of conditions. The Recovery Series is crafted to aid restorative sleep with a newly developed shape that increases space in the upper body and elbow areas to let you relax into a more natural position.

A centrally located, 2-way zipper offers climate regulation while zippers in the sides let you free your arms to perform tasks without leaving the comfort of your bag – a great feature to have around basecamp when riding out poor weather.

A waterproof membrane in the head and foot area boosts moisture protection while premium, 700 cuin fill power down delivers an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and a highly packable design.

An insulation collar retains warmth with a simple magnetic closure for added convenience. The considered design includes a deep sleep mask and earplugs to reduce light and noise. Providing practical comfort with exceptional warmth, the Protect Down 18C is crafted for those seeking adventure in the most challenging environments.

  • Insulation: 700 fill duck down, RDS Cert. 
  • Weight: 1700g
  • Pack Size: 31 x 29 cm
  • Comfort Women: -10°C
  • Comfort Men: 18°C
  • Extreme: -40°C

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