The Best Hanging Egg Chairs of 2021

The Best Hanging Egg Chairs of 2021

When you want to kick back and relax with a good book or maybe a well-deserved glass of wine, a hanging egg chair is seat you want. Also known as hammock chairs, the easy, breezy stylings of these chairs–plus the fact that you can recline off the ground–makes them much beloved. What are some of the best hanging egg chairs available?

What makes these hanging egg chairs so great? I’ll tell you ahead with detailed reviews and pros and cons for each. I’ve even included tips later in this guide on how to choose the best hammock chair for you as well as some handy FAQs. 

Let’s get started!

1. Christopher Knight Home Cayuse

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Let’s start this list with the Christopher Knight Home Cayuse, which is quite an elegant hanging egg chair. Intended for indoor and outdoor use alike, this teardrop-shaped chair is tapered so it’s wider at the base. Measuring 48 inches tall by 23.50 inches deep and 38 inches wide, you’ll feel enveloped in the best way when you sit in this hanging egg chair.

The Christopher Knight Home Cayuse is made of an iron base with wicker and polyethylene rattan woven strands throughout. If you’re outside sitting in this egg chair, you’ll feel the breeze through your hair and your clothes as the openings let the air in. Indoors, the sun can shine right through so you can enjoy its warmth. Sturdy handles are built into either side of the chair for you to grip when getting in or out.

Tufted cushions are included with your purchase. They’re both water-resistant and non-porous so even in outdoor use, the cushions should maintain their plush look and feel longer. The appealing neutral color of the cushions in an earthy tan is also a nice touch. 

Christopher Knight Home Cayuse Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair


  • Users have mentioned the installation of the chair is simple, taking between 20 and 60 minutes thanks to the clear instructions. 
  • The design of this hanging egg chair is open and airy, lending it appeal when used indoors or outdoors.
  • The Christopher Knight Home Cayuse is handcrafted so each chair has its unique look. 


  • The mounting hardware kit and hanging stand are not included with your purchase. 

2. Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock

Weight Capacity: 300 to 400 pounds 

The close quarters of a cozy hanging egg chair are within reach with the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Chair. This inexpensive chair measures 84 inches tall by 27 inches wide and 42 inches long.

The outdoor hammock stand is built with tough 12-gauge powder-coated steel, each bar two inches, that can support between 300 and 400 pounds. Spring pins throughout lock the poles so they’re more stable. All joints are welded too, including those that can move 360 degrees.

Swivel to your heart’s content in the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock, as the rotating carabiner will keep you in place as you turn this way and that. The finish of the base is weather-resistant so the chair maintains its appeal whether you set it up on your front porch or in your yard beneath a large tree.

The offset base has four legs to make relaxing and lounging a much more secure experience. Even if you happen to fall asleep while chilling in this hanging egg chair, those legs keep the seat upright so you don’t go toppling out. 

Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock C-Stand for Chair


  • This metal hammock can handle a lot of weight, over 300 pounds!
  • The Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock comes partly pre-assembled so you can save even more time putting it together. 
  • The powder-coat finish is supposed to protect the metal components from rust. 


  • The hammock itself isn’t included so you’ll have to buy that separately. 

3. YeSea Swinging Egg Chair

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Not all the hanging egg chairs I’ve covered so far can swing, but the YeSea is another one that does. Their egg chair when collapsed is 38 inches deep by 38 inches wide by 78 inches long with a seat height of 42.5 inches, a seat depth of 25.6 inches, and a seat width of 29.2 inches.

The cushion measures 6.29 inches thick, 23.22 inches wide, and 39.37 inches tall. The heavy-duty aluminum base can hold over 300 pounds, and with powder-coating electrophoretic paint, your base shouldn’t rust. YeSea also ensured the wicker and cushioning are weather-resistant so the sun doesn’t fade your swinging egg chair. Whether you set up your chair indoors or outdoors, you can use it with confidence!

The cushion includes a separate headrest for lying back, closing your eyes, and listening to the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind softly blowing. Nylon rope at the back of the seat lets you tie the headrest and the cushion in place so they don’t slip. The rattan resin wicker is polyurethane so it holds up. 

Egg Chair with Stand Indoor Outdoor Swing Chair Patio Wicker Hanging Egg Chair


  • This is yet another hanging egg chair with a safety strap for staying buckled in. 
  • Turn and rotate in your YeSea without a care, as it can swing!
  • You can even install this chair into the ceiling of your home if you so wish, says YeSea. 


  • Users say their chair isn’t shipped in the best condition, so sometimes the parts arrive bent or damaged. 

4. Modway Encase Outdoor Swing Chair

Weight Capacity: 265 pounds

Sit in the lap of luxury in this outdoor swing chair from Modway. This pretty chair is 71 inches tall by 40 inches wide and 43.5 inches long in an encased swing style. 

The synthetic double-woven rattan and wicker egg seat is deep and wide, making it an ideal refuge for a little afternoon to yourself. The egg chair hangs via a chain on a steel frame that’s finished with powder-coating. That same chain allows you to gently swing back and forth like you’re one with the breeze.

An included cushion, which is quite wide and deep, is UV-resistant so it won’t fade quickly. If you happen to get caught in a short drizzle, you also don’t have to stress about the cushion. It should be fine, as it’s water-resistant too. 

Modway EEI-739-GRY-SET Encase Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Porch Lounge Egg


  • The Modway Encase Outdoor Swing Chair includes several cushion color options like white, navy, turquoise, red, peridot (green), orange, mocha, gray, and beige.
  • Curvy rattan and wicker strands throughout create a much-coveted look to this hanging egg chair.
  • This is yet another chair that lets you swing softly.   


  • This chair is not intended for indoor use. 

5. Greenstell Hammock Chair

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

My last pick for the best hanging egg chair is the Greenstell Hammock Chair. The classic teardrop shape of this chair makes it a standout, as does its impressive weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use alike, the Greenstell includes many parts for hanging this egg chair your way. You get regular screws, expansion screws, spring snap hooks, and stainless steel pad screws, which are quite a nice assortment of tools. 

All parts of this hanging egg chair resist corrosion and static. Yes, you read that right, static. If you’re sitting on your hanging egg chair in the middle of the winter, you don’t want your bulky clothes generating static. That’s anything but relaxing. 

The polyethylene rattan, which is woven by hand, is produced in straight and curvy patterns to give this chair great appeal. The large, deep cushion is accompanied by a detached headrest, both of which you can tie to the rattan strands. 

Greenstell Hammock Chair


  • You can order your cushions in brown, black, red, or blue for your Greenstell Hammock Chair.
  • That you get so many mounting tools gives you a lot of choices for how and where you’ll situate your chair!
  • Greenstell says they tested their chair shape for lessening fatigue as it mimics the curves of your body. 


  • Compared to a lot of the other hanging egg chairs on this list, the Greenstell doesn’t hang that high off the ground. 
  • Compared to a lot of the other hanging egg chairs on this list, the Greenstell doesn’t hang that high off the ground. 

6. NICESOUL Indoor Outdoor Patio Wicker Hanging Egg Chairs

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

If you’re on a budget but you still want a quality hammock chair, the NICESOUL should be high on your list. This wicker hanging egg chair measures 38 inches by 38 inches by 78 inches with a seat that’s 29.2 inches by 25.6 inches by 42.5 inches. 

The frame of the NICESOUL is a lightweight but still sturdy aluminum that’s powder-coated so it lasts longer. Electrophoretic paint throughout the base should ward off rust if you leave your chair outdoors. 

Included with the NICESOUL Wicker Hanging Egg Chair is a safety strap for more security while you lounge and recline on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The seat cushion with headrest pillow cradles your upper half so you can relax longer without back and neck pain.

If your cushions have gotten a bit dingy after a few seasons outside, you can unzip the cushions at the back and then take out the inner cushion to wash it in your washing machine. 

The polyethylene rattan resin wicker that is the egg chair’s seat is weather-resistant but still elegant so it will make your yard or side porch look Instagram-worthy with its presence.  

Indoor Outdoor Patio Wicker Hanging Chair Swing Hammock Egg Chairs


  • The NICESOUL Wicker Hanging Egg Chair comes in a variety of colors. The basket can be brown, charcoal, or black and the cushion is available in hues like beige and light gray. 
  • This chair folds down when not in use so you can easily tuck it away until the next nice day when you have time to relax.
  • The assembly of the NICESOUL chair is quick and easy.


  • Users have complained that they sometimes receive the hanging egg chair in the wrong color. 

7. Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

Weight Capacity: 265 pounds

The beauty and simplicity of the Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Egg Chair belie its price, which is under $200. This chair measures 78 ½ inches tall by 50 inches long and 41 ½ inches wide with a pillow size of 6 ½ inches high and 13 inches wide.

The C-shaped steel frame is powder-coated and resists UV rays so you’re free to use this hanging egg chair outdoors or near a sunny window in the house. The included cushion has a thickness of six inches. Well, Barton Luxury calls it a cushion, but it looks more like an oversized pillow. Don’t be surprised if you’re lulled off to dreamland when relaxing in this chair!

Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Chair Swing Chair Patio Egg Chair


  • The Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Egg Chair is versatile in that it can fit in most bedrooms, living rooms, and porches as well as in your side yard or backyard.
  • The powder-coat finish can prevent the metal frame from rusting.
  • You get the hardware needed for assembly right in the box!


  • Some users have had stability issues with this chair. 

8. Island Bay Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair

Weight Capacity: 200+ pounds 

For that truly natural look, the Island Bay Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair is a smart pick. Its brown wicker base looks right at home out in your yard among the trees and other greenery. 

The stand is made of steel and can support more than 200 pounds. Its U-shaped base, also built from powder-coated black steel, adds further to the stability of this pretty hanging egg chair. The khaki cushion with tufting throughout is curved to hold your body in place. Should you want to replace this hanging chair with your pillows, the tufted cushion comes out easily.

Island Bay Lanpuly Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair


  • The natural look of the espresso resin wicker makes this Island Bay hanging egg chair a winner. 
  • The large cushion in a matching khaki color adds to the delightfulness of this chair. 
  • Users have said that assembly of the chair is quite easy.


  • Some users have reported that their assembly kit was not included with the purchase of the hanging egg chair. 

9. ToMe 2 Person Swing Chair with Stand

Weight Capacity: 628 pounds

Do you ever wish you could swing and lounge with a second person in your hanging egg chair? Then you want the TOME Swing Chair, which is indeed designed for two. This sizable chair is 48.82 inches tall by 27.56 inches deep by 58.27 inches wide. The dimensions of the stand are 77.16 inches tall by 47.24 inches deep and 58.27 inches wide.  

The thick steel pipework throughout the base of this swinging chair is reinforced for even more strength. Suspension chains and springs also lend the chair durability, as do the metal keels, 10 total. After all, it’s capable of supporting more than 600 pounds, perfect for two people!

Swing and rock the day away in this TOME swing chair, which features polyurethane rattan resin wicker throughout that’s UV-resistant. The accessorizing parts of the chair are 304 stainless steel and should be rust-proof. 

ToMe 2 Person Swing Chair with Stand


  • This is the only hanging egg chair for two people on this list!
  • The egg chair detaches from the stand so you can store it separately if you need to put the chair away.
  • The appealing blue cushion for two is perfect for cuddling up any time of the year.


  • Some users report it can take weeks for the chair to be delivered. 

10. MOTRIP Wicker Rattan Hanging Chair

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

If you’d rather have a more complete hanging egg chair experience than the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock, here’s something we think you’ll like. The MOTRIP Wicker Rattan Swing Chair is 78 inches tall, 40 inches deep, and 40 inches wide when fully assembled. The chair itself is 46 inches tall by 26 inches deep and 35 inches wide. 

The egg chair detaches from the frame should you wish to separate the two. The chair can also fold down so if you have a small home or apartment, you can stash this chair out of sight when it’s not in use. The base of the egg chair is made of olefin and wicker, the latter of which is hand-woven. Its timeless gray color should complement any indoor or outdoor décor in your home.

A safety buckle allows younger users to enjoy this chair safely and responsibly. You might fight over who gets to use this hanging egg chair, as the large cushion, also gray, is soft and plush throughout, not to mention quite encompassing. Its olefin base has six inches of padding and is UV-resistant. 

If you do indeed have the whole family using the MOTRIP Wicker Rattan Swing Chair–separately, of course–you can set the height of the chair via a 10-inch hanging chain. 

MOTRIP Wicker Rattan Swing Chair, Hanging Chair


  • The olefin construction of the MOTRIP Wicker Rattan Swing Chair makes it durable yet doesn’t detract from this hanging egg chair’s modern looks.
  • That the chair has a seatbelt is a nice inclusion, especially for kids!
  • MOTRIP lets you adjust the height of this hanging chair so you easily go from indoor to outdoor use and back again.


  • Some users have said the black powder coat may come in several shades of black, but this was a rare complaint. 

How to Choose the Best Hanging Egg Chair

Did you fall in love with a handful of the hanging egg chairs I covered in the last section? I certainly can’t blame you. They’re all charming and make a great addition to any home or apartment. 

You only want the best hanging egg chair though, and I’m here to help you get what you’re looking for. Here are some factors you must keep in mind as you mull over your chair options.  

Build Quality

The hanging egg chairs I discussed are all built with durable metal base materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Powder-coat finishes increase the durability of these chairs even further. Besides the base, the hanging egg chairs themselves include hand-woven rattan or wicker that often boasts weather-resistant properties, including water or UV resistance. 

These are quality chairs through and through, and at a variety of price points too! 

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity you’ll need for your hanging egg chair will depend on your weight. Whether you weigh 200 pounds, 300 pounds, and up, there’s a chair on the list that should be able to accommodate you. 


The deep, wide shape of a hanging egg chair is designed for comfort. Making these luxurious chairs even plusher is the inclusion of oversized cushions that enwrap your body. You can even shop for a chair with a headrest if you want a cushy place to put your head after a long day.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

All but one of the chairs I reviewed is intended for either indoor or outdoor use. It’s nice to have the option so you can take your hanging egg chair wherever you most want it when the mood strikes. 


Aesthetics certainly come down to your tastes, but whether you like a natural look to your hanging egg chair or you prefer a more colorful approach, there’s a chair for you. That’s also true if you want a straight or curved metal base or if you wish to swing versus stay stationery. 


Are Hanging Egg Chairs Comfortable?

Most certainly! The cushion included with a hanging egg chair prevents direct contact between you and the wicker or rattan so your body is cradled.  

Can Hanging Egg Chairs Be Left Outside?

Most hanging egg chairs are built for outdoor weather. However, there is a difference between something being water-resistant and waterproof. Water resistance means you shouldn’t submerge the item in water, whereas if it’s waterproof, submersion is okay.

As I mentioned before, if you get caught in the rain when sitting out in the yard in your hanging egg chair, that’s okay. When you’re done sitting though, you might want to pull your egg chair in so it’s undercover and doesn’t get soaked. 

How Much Weight Can a Hanging Egg Chair Hold?

The weight capacity of a hanging egg chair varies, but it’s between 200 and 400 pounds for single-user chairs and over 600 pounds for two-user chairs. I always recommend checking the weight limit for the hanging egg chair in question before completing your purchase! 

How Much Does a Hanging Egg Chair Cost?

No matter your budget, you can purchase an attractive hanging egg chair. Some are very inexpensive at around $200. The more high-end chairs may cost between $300 and $500. If you want the best hanging egg chair that money can buy, that may cost you around $800, sometimes more. 


Hanging egg chairs or hammock chairs is not for working, but for simply getting away from the stressors of life and relaxing. The best part of these chairs is that you can use them indoors or outdoors, whichever strikes your fancy.

With my list of the best hanging egg chairs, you should surely be able to find a chair that matches your tastes, weight, comfort needs, and budget. You’ll be sitting pretty in no time! 

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