Meet Founder Kathy Perkins

I am Kathy Perkins.  I am a TRUE stay-at-home mom and home school teacher of my 3 children, married 19 years to my husband, USMC Marine of 8 years, Dan Perkins.


I hold a degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  I am a rape survivor, domestic abuse survivor, and was at one time terrified of guns until I met my USMC husband who served in the Marine Corp as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor who taught me weapons safety and marksmanship skills that today work to protect me and help me to live empowered rather than in fear.


I am an advocate for women, children, and all abuse victims as well as an advocate for the 2nd Amendment and our Constitution.


Moms With Guns Demand Action is a TRUE grassroots organization.


"Moms With Guns Demand Action was created in response to the anti-constitutional propaganda being put forth by MDA (Moms Demand Action.) It is the perception of Pro-Second Amendment Gun owners that MDA's soul purpose is to disarm American Citizens. Make no mistake about it.  Despite what they claim verbally to the contrary, every one of their efforts can be clearly interpretted as being set in place to this end.  It is my belief, that they will not be happy until every citizen in this country is disarmed leaving only law enforcement armed, thereby finalizing the Liberal Socialist goal of a Police State where Free Citizens are no longer Free to defend themselves, essentially nullifying our 2nd Amendment rights. 


These women, whether mal intentioned or simply uneducated and stuck in irrational fear, pose a serious threat to my safety and that of my children.  I mean to fight their efforts on every front.  I am a Stay At Home Mom.  I have time. I have the Passion. I have children. I Live in Texas. And I will not tolerate being disarmed and forced to be a sitting duck for every criminal with murderous intentions.


Furthermore, MDA refuses to allow dialogue that factually refutes their propaganda on their Facebook page and Web Site. They delete ALL comments that oppose their anti-gun, disarmament goals and restrict access to anyone who voices any such First Amendment right to disagree with them even when irrifutible facts are presented to them.


Moms With Guns Demand Action demands REAL Gun Sense in America.  This is a place where we will be free to refute the propaganda being put forth by the enemies of our Great Republic and Constitution. Here we will together set the record straight, and fight to keep TRUE Guns Sense here in America. An Armed American Citizenship is a SAFE and FREE American Citizenship."


Truth about Shannon Watts: http://gunfreezone.net/wordpress/index.php/2013/06/05/moms-demand-action-shannon-watts-the-plastic-gardener/

Our Mission
A B O U T   O U R   P R O D U C T S

Every purchase you make not only supports YOUR Constitutional Right to Bear Arms and YOUR Right to Self Defense but it also supports Moms With Guns Demand Action to wage a Political War against MDA and other Anti-Gun Lobbies who have deep pockets and seemingly unlimited funds to further their cause to rob you of your rights. 


I do not gain any profit from your purchases. Every purchase you make goes back into MWGDA's efforts to fight for YOUR Constitutional Rights!


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