MDA Pressuring FB to Ban Private Gun Sale Ads

MDA Pressuring Facebook to Ban Private Gun Sale Ads


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Dear Facebook,


I am a member of Moms With Guns Demand Action I am writing you today because it seems that Facebook has welcomed an anti-gun group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) to discussions regarding the topic of private gun sale advertising on Facebook.


I have tried to reach Facebook as did MDA but I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to communicate properly with your team of professionals so please forgive this method of communication and respond as soon as you can or provide to me a more appropriate method of email or phone communication.


Given the content of this article, announcing Facebook's willingness to discuss the issue of gun sale advertisement, we at Moms With Guns Demand Action are requesting an opportunity to present our case on this topic as well.


Rest assured, that Moms With Guns Demands Action does NOT support arming convicted felons.


However, we do take issue with MDA's call to halt all LEGAL gun sale advertisement on Facebook.


I'm sure that Facebook is willing to hear both sides of this issue before coming to a final conclusion on the matter at hand.


I think as a group of concerned citizens, we can listen to all sides of this critical issue and come to an agreeable solution to the problem that MDA is suggesting Facebook is creating.


Please contact me as soon as possible to set up a meeting.





[Your Name] 

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Facebook Says It’s In Talks To Prevent Illegal Gun Sales


Facebook confirms that it is in talks with gun control advocates regarding its content policies with guns.


FacebookFacebook is in talks with the gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which is aiming to stop illegal gun sales and trades to minors and convicted felons on the social network, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed.


“We recently began conversations with Facebook about what they can do to end the easy access to guns on its platform — because until they do, they are taking the risk that they are facilitating the illegal sale of guns on their social network,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.


Facebook said it is starting the conversation with the gun control group and others regarding Facebook’s content policies.


The development comes on the heels of recent gun arrests tied to illegal sales facilitated through Facebook.An Ohio man was recently indicted on charges of illegally selling a gun across state lines to a 15-year-old Kentucky high school student he reportedly connected with via Facebook. The minor was apprehended at a high school football game with the 9 mm handgun by local police.A convicted felon in Storm Lake, Iowa, was recently busted after he illegally acquired guns via Facebook from an undercover cop conducting a sting operation.


In a recent statement, Facebook said that nobody is technically selling guns — legally or otherwise — through the platform since there is no e-commerce engine to conduct a transaction.


Read Article HERE

FACTS about FB Gun Sale ADS


1.)  It is already a crime for convicted felons to purchase weapons.


2.)  Private gun sales and advertisement for such is LEGAL.


3.)  No one wishes to arm a dangerous convicted felon, however, felons will         get their guns whether or not Facebook allows private citizens to                     advertise or not.  Facebook is NOT law enforcement nor                                 should Facebook discriminate against legal advertising.


4.)  Facebook makes it VERY difficult to reach them via email and/or phone.         If they are giving MDA an opportunity to discuss this matter of gun sale           advertisement, as a customer of Facebook, do you wish to have them           hear your voice as well as the anti-gun lobby's voice?


5.)  Most importantly, even FB admits that NO GUN SALES occur on FB!

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4.  IMPORTANT: Email Subject should read: Imminent Matter Regarding Gun                                                                         Sales At Facebook

5.  Insert your name and return contact information


[ATTENTION!!!! As of 2/26/2014, I have been notified that Facebook created an auto response for messages sent to the above email addresses, stating that these email addresses are not monitored.  I obtained these email addresses, the ONLY direct contact FB provides (or provided as seems the case) for people to contact them. If you call their Corporate Number as found on this webpage you will see that these are the email addresses provided. If ANYONE finds a way to contact Facebook via email or phone, please update me so I can provide that information to everyone!  Shannon Watts' ability to open conversations with FB given FB's unavailable status is surely to be considered a sign that FB and Ms. Watts are tied together.  If that is not true then I ask this....How Ms. Watts did you get in contact with FB? How FB do other people contact you on this critical issue?]





1.  No Phone option at this time. Facebook does not make themselves                  available via telephone at this time.

Phone Call Talking Points


NONE because FB does not make themselves available via telephone at this time.

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